International Telecommunication Union Adopts the First Two Internationalization Standards

2018-12-20 10:00:00

International Telecommunication Union Adopts the First Two Internationalization Standards

Recently, the Plenary Session 20 of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (ITU-T SG20) plenary meeting and working group meetings were held in Wuxi. Under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Department of Science and Technology, and the International Division, the first internationalization standard "Methodology for building sustainable talent during enterprises' digital transformation" (Y.MEDT) led by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center was approved at the meeting and is expected to be officially released in March 2019.


The international standard project is based on the core product of China's two-in-one integrated management system GB/T 23000-2017 and GB/T 23001-2017. It provides methodological guidance for leading enterprises to drive data,  accelerate technological change, process optimization and organizational innovation and it continuously builds new capabilities in the digital economy era and accelerates digital transformation . First, it defines key terms such as “integration of two technologies”, which lays a foundation for unifying the understanding of the integration and further promoting cooperation and exchange. Second, it successfully promotes the basic framework of the two-in-one management system in national standards as an international standard. It creates opportunities for enhancing international exchanges and deepening pragmatic cooperation in the circumstance of digital transformation of manufacturing industry. Thirdly, based on the basic framework of two-in-one integration management system, it gives a general method for enterprises to build sustainable competitiveness under the background of integration of two industries. It is an important part of the experience of digital transformation for international shared enterprises.


The adoption of this international standard marks that the results of theoretical research, practical exploration and model innovation in China's dual integration field have been recognized by international peers for a long time. It is of great significance in sharing the practice of China's two-in-one integration and industrial transformation and upgrading programs, and strengthening China's influence and voice of the two areas of integration in the world.


Delegations of government officials and technical experts from more than 50 countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, France, etc., about 120 representatives to attend the meeting.

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