A Great Success for the 3rd China (Changzhou) Internet of Things Conference (2018)

2018-12-17 10:46:00

A Great Success for the 3rd China (Changzhou) Internet of Things Conference(2018)

On Dec.15th 2018, the 3rd China (Changzhou) Internet of Things Conference was grandly opened at the Changzhou Industrial Internet Experience Center. Academician Zhao Chunsheng of CAS, Zhu Zhihong(Director) and Shen Xinfeng (Vice Director)  of the Changzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission, Dai Yadong deputy director of the Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Qian Bin Deputy General Manager of Changzhou Broadcasting and Television Group, and Han Lei the founder of FUTURE WISE, attended the meeting. The related corporate executives and media reporters from Hohai University, Jiangsu Institute of Technology, Hunan University Changzhou Machinery Equipment Research Institute and other related universities, China Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications three major communications operators, Alibaba, Siemens, Sany Heavy Industry, Yongan, Handel Electronics and Rich Consulting etc. nearly 300 people attended the conference. The mainstream media such as Changzhou TV, Zhongwu.com, Fenghuang.com, Tencent Dasu.com, Netease Jiangsu, Sina Jiangsu, China Jiangsu Net, Today Headlines, Modern Express, Changzhou Daily, Changzhou Evening News, Wujin Daily, Changzhou Net, Zhongwu Net, Hualong Lane, 139 CZ and Changzhou mobile phones etc. also give key reports.

The conference was co-sponsored by Changzhou Internet of Things Industry Association and Changzhou Zhongwu Net Media Co., Ltd., hosted by Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (Changzhou Wujin) Base, co-organized by Hohai University, Changzhou University, Changzhou Computer Society, Changzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, Changzhou Power Transmission and Transformation Industry Association and Jiangsu Rich Information Consulting Co., Ltd. The theme is Industrial Internet + Intelligent Manufacturing, and the integration of Internet of Things leads to create a new engine for the economy. The conference adopted the concept of sustainable development to discuss and exchange on smart manufacturing, sharing economy, digital transformation of manufacturing etc. , and  to get in-depth and extensive exchanges on various aspects including exploring the utilization of Internet of Things technology to improve Changzhou intelligent manufacturing, and building star cities of industrial manufacturing . The conference was highly valued by the Changzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission, Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Changzhou Public Security Bureau and other relevant government departments. It attracted the participation of authoritative experts and scholars. The guests gave a wide range of speeches, from manufacturing to research, from artificial intelligence to machine learning, which contains a large number of disciplines. And their insights and scientific research represent the high-end standards of the current Internet of Things. From the Chang’e 4 of Academician Zhao to the exoskeleton armor of FUTURE WISE, from the digitalization of Siemens manufacturing to the inter-industry integrated Internet platform of roots interconnect (Sany Heavy Industry), from Yongan’s sharing economy to FUTURE WISE which is  building world-class mecha science fiction culture, etc., a series of wonderful speeches and unique insights will surely promote the sustainable development of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things has become to be a mainstream in enterprises across all industries. By the end of 2018, IoT spending is expected to grow by 15% to $772.5 billion dollars. There is no doubt that the number of connected devices and enterprise IoT projects will get further increase in the coming year. The Internet of Things will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, lead the development of strategic emerging industries, achieve economic restructuring and strategic adjustment, and lead to profound changes in the way of social production and economic development. It has tremendous strategic potential, which is the strategic commanding heights of economic development and technological innovation in the post-crisis era, and has become the leading force for countries to build new social models and reshape the country's long-term competitiveness. Under the support of information technology, the Internet of Things is triggering a new round of lifestyle changes, which has become a rapidly growing market.

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